Current and Future Projects

I think I’m putting this list here so I don’t forget and I keep myself on track for those times when I know I want to do some sewing/crafting but I’m not sure what to do. Also, sometimes people ask what I’m working on.

To Do This Week
– Convert VNV Nation shirt to tank top for concert Wed.
– Convert Alabama Crimson Tide shirt for gameday Sat.

In Progress, to Finish
– Chinese embroidered blouse – add grommets, ribbon
– Black Tripp pants to skirt conversion
– Altering corset top to fit

Other Planned Conversions
– Irish fairy girl top to tank/sleeveless corset laced top
– Altering Dropkick Murphys babydoll T to fit

The point of this blog.

Before I start a blog, and I’ve started a few, I try to ask myself, “What’s the point?”  What am I bringing to the internet, the blogosphere (this word sounds like something that falls out of your mouth, or like you’re gargling marbles or something – I’m going to never use it again), the greater insane database of great minds and dancing cat GIFs?

If nothing else, I’m bringing accounts of the slow, plodding journey of someone with multiple debilitating health conditions who has gone from years of depression to new, cautious optimism with the help of some over-the-counter SAMe and the joy of crafting.

Best of all, I didn’t work my way out of depression in sunny Miami, where it’s hardly ever cold and you can get drinks with tiny umbrellas year-round.  I’m doing it, slowly but surely, in Seattle, Washington.  I’m pretty sure this city is the depression capital of the United States, which is why it’s also coffee capital, goth capital, and potentially metalhead capital.  I’m all of the aforementioned, though as a coffee drinker, I have to take it easy for health reasons.

So, health shit.  Let’s get this out of the way.  I’m a narcoleptic.  Yes, now you’ve met one!  We’re 0.05% of the US population.  We are not what you see in movies.  They turn us into a punchline.  About the only thing that movies get right is that if you tell someone you barely know that you’re narcoleptic, they’ll most likely think you’re a dysfunctional screwup.  Screwup?  Sure.  Dysfunctional?  I do my best.  Some of the most creative and innovative minds in history and entertainment have been narcoleptics or people with other sleep problems.  I genuinely have never met a dumbass complaining of insomnia or even a migraine.  I am firmly convinced these are problems of the highly intelligent and have something to do with the unique ways in which our brains work.  These problems are the crutch keeping us from taking over the world.  We’d have to take over the world… and then have a nap.  Then fire zee missiles!

So, due to the narcolepsy, I have no defined sleep schedule.  I sleep in bursts.  I get a few hours here and there and exist on stimulants the rest of the time.  My creative state seems to exist at very odd times of day.  I’m writing this at 3:38 AM, thinking about everything I need to sew.  I design during these odd hours when I seem to have the best, craziest ideas of what would work.  I can then follow through on the designed project during other times of day, provided I’ve taken some notes, jotted down something about the idea.  Some of my blog posts may very well end up being “note to self” style entries that you’ll be privy to.  I think they’ll add character. 🙂

I’ll do my best to get pictures of the before and afters on my projects, sometimes just the afters.  It might be best not to expect strict consistency in my entries – Narcolepsy and the accompanying fatigue wreak havoc on my memory.  I suggest that this just makes me plucky. 😉

Take a look around.  I hope you enjoy what you see, but when it comes right down to it, I’m doing this for me.